Hello and Welcome to my Webpage,

My name is Gurdeep Singh and I am a Candidate in the forthcoming  Ku-Ring-Gai-Council elections that are scheduled to be held on the 4th December 2021. These elections are being held for you to elect two Councillors from your area, the Comenarra Ward. I am passionate about representing and serving the Comenarra community and I bring with me a considerable previous experience of being an elected Councillor and a Deputy Mayor.

I am married, with children and grandchildren. I hold Australian family values close to my heart. A brief description of my community involvement follows further in this webpage. As you will notice, I have a deep connection with the Comenarra community, in particular through the decades of service to the iconic Sikh temple situated along Kissing Point Road Turramurra.

My promise to the community is, that I shall build upon the good work already done by the previous Ku-Ring-Gai Councils.

Should I be elected, with your support and regular consultation, I shall work towards the implementation of the following that concerns our community the most:

  • A Consultative Council
  • Fast-track Turramurra Hub Project
  • Better management of Parks & Bushland
  • Resurfacing of our Suburban roads
  • Fast-track new footpaths
  • Mitigate traffic congestion around our schools
  • Better street lighting for safer streets
  • Support for better sporting facilities
  • Support for youth services

I am a Civil Engineer and I have been living on the Upper North Shore for over 30 years. I have been a resident of the Ku-Ring-Gai Council area for the last 6 years. Throughout this whole time of 30 years, I have been providing engineering design, consultancy and building approval services for dwelling houses to the “mums and dads” of the Ku-Ring-Gai community. In doing so, I have established a successful professional consultancy practice on the model of a small business.

With NSW Treasurer Matt Kean Aand Ku-Ring-Gai Mayor Cedric Spencer

I am a successful small business owner of the Ku-Ring-Gai and engaged with communities. With my background and experience as a long term professional service provider in your area, an active member of the Ku-Ring-Gai community and having recently served as a Councillor and as a Deputy Mayor, I shall make an excellent Councillor to represent you at the Ku-Ring-Gai


Inputting up my hand for election to the Ku-Ring-Gai Council, serving the Ku-Ring-Gai community overall and the Comenarra Ward community in particular, I appeal to you to vote for me on the 4th December 2021, or before the pre-polling that will commence from the 22nd November 2021.


Thank you

Gurdeep Singh

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